We, humans, are social beings. We grow and develop in the context created by interpersonal relationships starting from the first moments of our lives.

This year’s Coronavirus pandemics has brought us unusual challenges: social distancing; the need to avoid, as much as possible, touching other people and also our own faces; the impossibility to see others’ faces entirely in each interaction; etc.

In the context of these changes, we ask ourselves a series of questions:

  • How can we be together, although physically apart?
  • What new ways can we find for relating and connecting with ourselves, with others and with the world?
  • How does the relationship with ourselves and with others change, and how will it continue to change?

We invite you to search for answers to these questions and other similar ones, together, through the workshops and presentations delivered during this year’s Romanian National Conference on Transactional Analysis.

We invite you to the 14th edition of the Romanian National Conference on Transactional Analysis, with the topic „To be or not to be… in contact. The relationship with the self and with the other”, which will take place online during October 24th-25th 2020.

There will also be an online preconference, on October 23rd 2020.

With this event, we are addressing several types of participants:

  • psychotherapists, whether experienced or in training;
  • professionals in the organisational field;
  • educators and parents.

You are welcome to join us!

No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.
(John Donne)