Trust and democratic leadership in organisations

Sari van Poelje (TSTA-O)

Preconference: Friday, October 23rd, 09.00 - 11.00

The purpose
Purpose of the workshop is to help you accelerate the development of trust and democratic leadership in your organization.

The pay-off
By the end of the program the participants will:
– Have understood the difference between autocratic and democratic leadership
– Have understood the steps to maintain democratic leadership in their organisations
– Gotten insight in some tools to build trust

The program
The program consists of a two hour workshop.

Due to Covid19 many leaders have been forced to adopt trust and empowerment in their employees.

However many people also have the tendency to turn to autocratic forms of leadership. In this workshop the inherent logic in the development of autocratic systems is highlighted. Five stages of development are discussed: the rise of a visionary leader, the establishment of boundaries and roles, division of labour, closing of the external boundary, struggle for power and eventual implosion of the system. On the basis of the similarities and differences with the development of democratic systems, five rules of thumb to prevent autocracies are explored.
We will highlight the tools to develop and maintain trust in the relationship between leaders and members, one of the key ingredients of democratic process.

The Plan
The workshop is experiential, framed by some plenary theory discussions.

The workshop will be given in English.